What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of many cannabinoids found in our broad and full spectrum products. CBD may be used as an everyday adjunct to your health and wellness routines. CBD is a naturally occurring molecule of the Hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa. Our Broad Spectrum products contain none detectable amounts of THC pursuant with 2018 Farm Bill and in compliance with the Florida Department Of Agriculture. There is no (high) to be had when using our broad spectrum line, so you can use daily at any time. Our Full spectrum products DO contain the legal amount of THC allowable as dictated by the 2018 U.S farm bill and in compliance with The Florida Department Of Agriculture. The 0.3% THC by dry weight allowable in full spectrum products is still not enough to “get you high” but may show up on a drug test so we caution those customers with concerns about workplace drug testing to not consider our full spectrum line.

Delivery Methods

Wela offers several different Hemp derived CBD delivery methods. Sublingual and Topical use Oil/Tinctures, Salves and Topicals, Softgels, Ready to drink Nanotechnology Tinctures and Powders, Pet Tinctures and Dog Treats made using a broad spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids carefully blended just for you. Tinctures can be taken sublingually. Place desired amount under tongue, hold for 30 seconds and swallow. You may also use them topically massaging oil into the affected area as desired. Topicals are not to be ingested, Softgels should be taken by mouth and our ready to drink nano powders and hydro tincture are to be mixed into your desired liquid of choice.

How can you benefit from CBD?

Our customers enjoy using our products for many different reasons. Some customers wish to support specific issues while others enjoy daily use for overall wellness. The one factor that links the two is that no matter why you choose to add CBD to your daily wellness rituals, all users can experience the benefits of a well supplemented Endocannabinoid System. It has been noted that supplementing your ECS with cannabinoids can help to support and regulate mood, appetite, immune function and sleep. A well supplemented ECS is responsible for promoting Homeostasis, the body’s natural ability to balance, repair and restore.

When and how should I take my CBD?

Your CBD ritual is yours to design. How and when you take your CBD and in what dose should fit your health & lifestyle needs. We’ve designed our products to support you throughout the day. Depending on your needs you may want to take your CBD in the morning, before bed or throughout the day as needed. With the exception of our Melatonin Softgels none of our CBD products will make you drowsy.

CBD For Pets

CBD is a great way to support your pet throughout their entire life. All mammals have an Endocannabinoid System and can benefit from using CBD. We offer three types of CBD products for your furry friend. Tinctures and Treats are available in small and large doses to suit your pets size and needs. Tinctures can be given by mouth, poured over food or applied topically when needed. Treats can be given to small and large dogs in addition to the CBD pet oil.

The CBD Industry And The FDA

The FDA prohibits all manufactures and retailers from making claims, or providing any specific dosing for specific issues or illnesses. Because CBD research is in its infancy, the industry as a whole lacks the clinical trials and approval from the FDA to make any health claims regarding the benefits of CBD for specific illnesses, for use in children, pregnant or nursing mothers or sick animals. Always consult your doctor before starting any regiment.