We Are Wela

We know when it comes to CBD you have a lot of choices. It seems like every day a new cbd company pops up. Wela has been in service since 2016, well before the cbd craze. Our mission is simple – wellness for all. We started out of a need for education and transparency. In 2016 when two of our owners, Ella Duke and Joanna Timm were on the hunt for a CBD line to add to the retail section of their downtown Orlando medical wellness center, they kept running into the same problem.

CBD was fairly new and sales, not education were at the top of everyone’s list. Everyone could tell you CBD was great, but no one could tell us why. The five of us made it our goal to find a farm who’s growing & manufacturing practices aligned with our vision, and dove deep into the science of hemp, so we could responsibly educate our customers and community. It is only through trust, transparency and education that we can hope to change the way people view and use Hemp.

Our Source Farm

While many CBD companies like to say they own the farm that produces their product, the truth is only a small percentage of brands are 100% vertically integrated. Vertically Integrated means that a brand controls every aspect of the Growing, Extraction, Manufacturing, and Fulfillment of their product. We at Wela have partnered with one farm in the great state of Colorado who handles the first three steps and leaves fulfillment, customer service and education to us. They use proprietary hemp genetics developed over the years to consistently deliver the same quality product every time.

Who We Partner With And Why

Here at Wela we believe that our cannabis community goes well past the manufacturing line. We stand by our sustainably grown hemp and pride ourselves in not only selling CBD but providing our customers with the education they need to make an informed decision about what products they spend their hard earned dollars on. We stand up for homeless pets. We offer a standing discount for animal rescue partners. If you’re interested in becoming a rescue partner please message us via the contact form on the website. We are always happy to sponsor CBD treatments for animals in foster care who need some extra care while in rescue. We stand for small business. Our community retailers are pillars of their communities. Businesses and business owners who believe in promoting health, wellness and cannabis education. You can find Wela in wellness centers, yoga studios, health food stores, coffee shops and cafes. If you’re in the health and wellness, fitness, health food or holistic and medical industry and are interested in learning more about becoming a Wela Community Retailer. Please visit the wholesale page of our website to learn more about partnering with us